Historical Projects

Note! These old project pages are mainly preserved for historical reference. To follow my latest professional work, connect with me on LinkedIn!

3D Instrument – Dimi-H (2005)

  Dimi-H was a prototype music instrument based on a three dimensional tonal space concept by my late friend Erkki Kurenniemi. The system consisted of two cameras connected to a computer and a 3D display. The input of the two cameras were triangulated to obtain a three dimensional coordinate. Erkki originally proposed the creation of… Continue reading

Generative Music – Groover (2012)

  Project Groover Autonomous live music generator (2012) Project Groover was a service which autonomously composed, sequenced, mixed and mastered musical microgrooves at 140 BPM into a non-stop radio stream. The public web interface allowed listeners to download grooves as individual files, and to also train the composition AI through an instant feedback mechanism. The… Continue reading