Top 5 Lessons from 20 years of Computer Vision

I’ve learned an untold amount of valuable lessons over the years. Many of these lessons are still as true today as they were 20 years ago. I love to share advice on CV topics with customers and colleagues, and although many of the core lessons and concepts are obvious and well-known there are also some hard-fought personal lessons which I find myself talking about. This article will be exactly about those – the “probably-not-in-your-textbook” Top 5 lessons based on my experiences with shipping CV products! Continue reading

A Primer on Live Proxy Detection (2016)

Achieving a high detection rate of remote open proxies requires many considerations. Depending on the desired success rate the allocated resource requirements tend to increase exponentially, and perfect detection certainty for arbitrary external IPs can never be achieved due to numerous complicating factors. This article will first discuss the general dynamics of detecting open proxies along with associated statistical research, and will then discuss specific software considerations. Continue reading

Thomas Carlsson photograph